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Dr. Richard Carlton:
"Patient pain was an 8, it instantly went down to a 4... that got my attention!"
Dr. Robert Klein:
"Simply put...
I love this product!"
Dr. Janet Franco:
"I Have NO WORDS..."
Dr. Michael Peltzman:
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medical basis exactly 
how the system works!"
Dr. Joseph Bird:
"I feel like the 
luckiest man on earth!"
Dr. Stan Kinota:
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Bas Rutten,
UFC Heavyweight Champion:
"I always feel better immediately, 
also mentally I feel better. "
Kaitlin Sandeno Hogan,
Olympic Gold Medalist:
"I feel more at ease and 
it's really helping my sleep!"

 Patient RESULTS From Microvascular University

"I cannot believe 
the results I’m getting!"
"About 4 years ago I was in the car accident and it developed to the point where I had back fusion. I also have a collapsed disc in my neck and tend to have spasms [and] extreme pain. I’ve been on for probably 30 days and I cannot believe the results I’m getting. The biggest thing for me is that I don’t have to take any medication and that’s unbelievable."
"Love to start my day WITHOUT morphine!"
Ten years ago, I fell down the stairs and fractured my coccyx. The doctors answer to that was to put me on morphine. Morphine for 18 months means literally being in bed, being in a cloud.  I wanted off the medications. And the inflammation. I needed that to be gone too.  20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night. Read a book, watch the news, have a cup of coffee. It works!
"Recommended it to some friends and family members!
Before I knew of the Microvascular University;I was suffering from arthritis in my fingers in my hands and it was very painful at times. I was also suffering from poor sleep, hypothermia [sic] in my fingers and my feet, [they] were often very cold and I develop a bunion on my right foot. I am totally convinced that it works. I have recommended it to some friends and family members!
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  • Patented AND Proven Technology being used in over 126 Hospitals and research labs TODAY!
  • ​Currently used in the study of Diabetes/Hypertension/Pre-eclampsia/Heart disease/Septic shock/Inflammatory disorders/Compromised Immunity/Cancer 
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